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09 Aug

SEO Basics - How to optimise your job ads to get the most out of free advertising channels

With the increase in traffic from sites like Indeed and Google there is plenty of opportunity to get free advertising via a range of channels. You just need to follow a few simple tips!

02 Aug

The Google effect – the impact of Google on candidate attraction

So far this year, Google has delivered 44% of candidate traffic to our client’s websites. What does this mean for you when you are trying to attract the best candidates?

19 Jul

Media Review #4 - YUDU

Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #4: YUDU

12 Jul

Employee Reviews – the good, the bad and the ugly

Employee reviews are on the rise. Do you know what your employees are saying about you and what impact it's having on your recruitment?

05 Jul

Everything You Need to Know About Employer Branding in 2019

Read on to find out WHAT is an employer brand, WHY it’s essential for recruitment – and more importantly, HOW we can help you develop an employer brand that will deliver great candidates.

03 Jul

Job Seeker Trends in 2019 - Recruitment Report

Do you know which media is delivering the most candidates? Or what candidates care about most when they are job hunting? Read our mid year report to find out what you need to know to develop an effective recruitment strategy.

19 Jun

Media Review #3 - Targeted Facebook Advertising

Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #3: Targeted Facebook Advertising

12 Jun

Don’t get left behind! The importance of expert recruitment advice in a rapidly changing market.

Is your approach to recruitment stuck in 2016? It’s time to take some expert advice from Sharon Davies - Founding Director.

21 May

Why candidates are applying to your competitor’s job ads & not yours…

There are over 500,000 job ads online right now and many of those are companies are looking for the exact same staff as you are. How are you going to stand out?

21 May

Media Review #2 - LinkedIn

Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #2: LinkedIn

15 Apr

Media Review #1 - Facebook Jobs

Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #1: Facebook jobs

11 Apr

Effective onboarding is the new staff retention strategy!

Employee onboarding is essential in today's recruitment process. It helps the new recruit connect with their employer, reinforce the company culture and values. Onboarding solutions allow companies to build personalised welcome journeys for new employees that start from job offer to the first day.

17 Jan

Is Your New Hire Already Looking at Job Vacancies?

Exceed your new hire’s expectations with our 4 tips to retain your new recruits and set their welcome journey up for successful onboarding.

04 Dec

Is Recruiter Bias Holding Back your Hiring Process (Part 2)

Before we continue, ask yourself this: have you already reached a conclusion as to whether or not this blog will shed any insight into your recruitment process? Are you reading this to mine for inconsistencies, flaws; details to support your conclusion?

04 Dec

Is Recruiter Bias Holding Back your Hiring Process? (Part 1)

What is recruitment bias? Well it's similar to confirmation bias. Have you ever formed a snap decision about something in your mind and then found yourself searching for evidence to prove it?

04 Dec

Best practice guide for a great careers sites

Job seekers have never had more access to make informed decisions about what businesses they apply to work with than ever before. That means that if you’re looking to capture the attention of great talent on the market you need to be upfront and coordinated about the information you are providing to help them make that decision. A great way to do that is with a branded careers website that acts as a home of all your job opportunities, and information about your organisation to help job seekers make the decision to apply.

04 Dec

Are you getting the most out of your recruitment tools?

Talent Propeller is always working on updates to our recruitment tools, to help hiring managers implement their recruitment strategies. Are you up to speed with the latest features on offer? Here are some of our latest releases that are helping organisations all over Australasia to reinvent their recruitment process:

04 Dec

5 ways your recruitment partner may be letting you down

Choosing the right professional partners is vital for business success, and in no area is this more important than recruitment. If you're paying for professional expertise to advertise, shortlist, interview or recommend new staff, you must make sure you're getting what you pay for.

04 Dec

The real reasons your recruiter can't show you good candidates

Too much traditional recruitment has been about 'Plug and Place', without thinking strategically about where to find QUALITY candidates and using the right tools to decipher who is best for your organisation.

04 Dec

7 ways to write an effective recruitment advert top candidates will love

When looking for the perfect candidate to join your team, it’s easy to get carried away with a list of what’s important to YOU. But at the end of the day, a job advert is just that, an advert. Like all good marketing prose, you should be writing for the person reading your job ad. Potentially, your next employee of the month! If you’re not offering the information that’s important to them, you could lose them right then and there.

04 Dec

Reaching quality job seekers in 2018

So many vacancies, so little time! When you’re a busy HR team with hiring to do, getting a good pipeline of quality candidates is critical to filling your vacancies fast. Making sure you reach the right candidates from day one is the first step in a successful recruitment campaign.

04 Dec

7 easy ways to improve your recruitment process.

Avoid putting your business plans at risk by taking too long to hire or spending money in the wrong place, with the right recruitment tools. Create a smooth and pain free route to your next hire with these 7 steps to a better recruitment process.

04 Dec

6 ways recruitment process outsourcing can benefit busy HR Managers

Meet Sarah. She works for a busy organization with 100 staff and as an experienced HR Manager, she looks after all things HR. From onboarding to training, to helping managers with performance issues to HR strategy and reporting. For a key player in the organisation, there are never enough hours in the day!

04 Dec

3 ways to leverage your 'Employer Brand' in the battle for NDIS talent

As a disability service provider, you probably don’t need reminding that 460,000 Australians are set to become eligible for funding thanks to the federal government’s NDIS roll out. The changes place participants firmly in the driver’s seat, leaving providers – that’s you – with the challenge of positioning themselves as the ones to choose.

04 Dec

Understanding the 'conversion funnel' is key to attract passive job seekers

In the past, recruitment involved placing a job advert in the newspaper and waiting for applications to flood in. But today with skills shortages across many industries, it’s not nearly as simple for employers to find and hire good talent. Moving beyond the 'active' job seeker and engaging passive candidates who are not actively looking but are open to new opportunities takes strategy and planning. Here's something retail marketers have known for years: how to work the 'funnel'.

04 Dec

Can you afford to ignore your employer brand?

You’re spending on job advertising. Can you afford to be paying zero attention to your Employer Brand?

03 Dec

3 ways pre employment testing will benefit your business operations

You may be filling roles but are you really filling them or are we just placing bums on seats in the hope that one of them will stick around for more than 3 months? The question we all need to ask ourselves is this, are we hiring the best talent in-the-market OR the best talent on-the-market? And how do we know difference?

03 Dec

5 reasons you aren't finding good candidates - and what you can do about it

“I just can’t find good staff!” is a common refrain howled by business owners up and down the country. The days of placing a job advert and being swamped with great candidates are a distant memory for hiring managers in almost all industries. From trades to specialists: even finding ‘a great Admin Accounts’ person has taken one CBD firm over 6 months.

22 Feb

3 real benefits pre employment testing can bring to your day to day business operations

Think you don’t need to do pre employment assessments? Think again

16 Feb

Talent Propeller’s Top 5 product updates in 2017

It’s full steam ahead for 2018 so now’s a great time to make sure you’re taking advantage of all the new features your Talent Propeller candidate management system can offer you. From tech updates such as ROI tracking and hiring approval, to a powerful new Executive Insights service, we’ve been busy!