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Use what you want, when you want it.

Think of all the things that frustrate you about recruiting staff. Too many applicants. Too few with the skills you want. Too much money spent finding them. We thought about this too, and then we reinvented the whole process.

Introducing Talent Propeller, the online recruitment service that makes you the pilot of a sophisticated, yet simple recruitment machine.

We are where service and recruitment expertise meets technology. We provide you with your very own 'recruitment centre' so you have complete transparency and control over the entire process. Simply tell us what services you need at the time, and we can take care of the rest! From advertising strategies to shortlisting services, from video interviews to skills and aptitude testing, Talent Propeller provides you with a wo-to-go service that will save you time, money and make the recruitment process much faster and easier for you.

Meet the experts behind the technology.

By combining technology with leading recruitment industry experience, we partner with our clients to create recruitment packages that remove the expense and time wasted using traditional recruitment agencies and out of date processes.

Our team is diverse and the combination of our skills ensures that we are at the forefront of the recruitment industry, able to innovate and lead change. By working with us, you have access to the latest candidate attraction trends and strategies, the best technology to streamline the shortlisting process, and unbiased advice on how to save recruitment costs.

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