May 21, 2019

Media Review #2 - LinkedIn

Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #2: LinkedIn




LinkedIn operates the world's largest professional online network with more than 100 million members in over 200 countries. It is not just a job board but a social network for professionals, used for connecting,  networking, education and keeping up to date with other companies and businesses.


At Talent Propeller we run approximately 150 ads a month across New Zealand and Australia for varying types of roles for our clients. Typically, ads posted to LinkedIn are business professional roles, from office managers, project managers, senior business directors and CEO’s.

For this review, we ran the following adverts:

  • Digital Marketing Coordinator
  • Technical Sales and Support Manager
  • Senior Graphic Designer
  • Advertising Coordinator / Account Manager

Our Initial Findings:

  • As LinkedIn is an international platform, it is a cost-effective medium for relocation campaigns.
  • White collar roles performed well, better than trades.
  • Unlike other platforms, your advert can direct to a careers page to provide more information on the opportunity or to another job board, such as TradeMe / Indeed.
  • The first day of the campaign always performed very well, often reporting in the top 3 for the highest views and apply clicks
  • Throughout the campaigns on average, Monday and Tuesdays received the highest number of views and clicks to apply
  • For the 4 campaigns the advert followed the trend of having higher activity/responses on Mondays, Tuesday and Wednesday and lower activity, towards the end of the week and the weekend.
  • The first 1-2 weeks of the campaign had the highest views and applicants


LinkedIn can accept applications in 2 ways;

  1. Direct candidates to your careers website / ATS platform to apply
  2. Apply via LinkedIn, requiring you to log into your LinkedIn account to view them.


  • Digital Marketing Coordinator - 40% of applications came from LinkedIn
  • Technical Sales and Support Manager - 42% of applications came from LinkedIn
  • Senior Graphic Designer - 37% of applications came from LinkedIn
  • Advertising Coordinator / Account Manager - 74% of applications came from LinkedIn


For all roles, approximately 60% of candidates from LinkedIn were suitable for phone interviews. This is excellent when compared with other media which sit at 15-20%.

We noticed that the candidates moved very quickly. Within 3 or 4 days of applying people had accepted other jobs so it is apparent that if you are advertising on LinkedIn you need to have the facility to review and book interviews almost immediately.


  • Cost effective – LinkedIn is the cheapest of all paid job boards currently in the market
  • Targeting - LinkedIn allows you to target possible candidates based on their interests, skills and current or previous job titles. It enables you to be much more proactive with who may see your advertisement.
  • Broaden your reach - LinkedIn allows you to load your advert to multiple categories, allowing you to broaden your reach. Unlike most job boards where you are only allowed to have your advert to be booked to category.
  • Reach passive candidates – As LinkedIn is used to connect with friends and colleagues, research businesses and potential clients, and catch up on industry news. This enables a LinkedIn job listing to reach passive candidates, people that aren't necessarily looking for a job but may be interested in your position.
  • Cost effective - You can actively send your advertisement to people that are of interest, meaning it’s an extremely cost-effective alternative to headhunting via a recruiter
  • Inmail – LinkedIn’s Inmail service allows you to send a personal message directly to a LinkedIn member you are not connected to. Users receive a specific number of InMail credits based on your subscription type. When paired with LinkedIn’s Inmail service we had higher candidate applicants.
  • We continued to receive views and clicks to apply right up to the closing date.


  • In order to remain competitive with other job boards and increase job ad numbers, LinkedIn have started automatically taking an advert from other sources, such as your careers page. This process is called ‘scraping’ ads. This inherently comes with problems and inaccuracies which can cause candidate frustration, and represent your brand poorly. This can create a poor candidate experience and could result in candidate quality reducing.
  • The LinkedIn candidate matching algorithm changes frequently due to constant upgrades of the platform making it harder to accurately target candidates.
  • LinkedIn Inmail can be time consuming and expensive. It also requires additional work and selective targeting.


LinkedIn is an excellent option for white collar roles, specifically sales, human resources, account management, and business development. For maximum results, we recommend pairing the advert with Inmails.