We have some talented individuals at Talent Propeller who can assist you in almost any area of recruitment. We believe in partnering smart technology, with amazing service.

Sharon Davies
Founding Director

Sharon founded Talent Propeller in 2009 after realising through her recruitment agency experience, that many businesses needed solutions outside of the traditional model. She's now a writer and sought-after commentator in the HR space.

Dianne Bow
Operations Manager

Dianne has been involved with our group of companies since 2002, managing the Finance and IT areas of the business. Based in Head office she establishes policy and procedures for the finance team, and is in charge of the daily operations. She is also responsible for the effective implementation of our business expansion strategies.

Theresa Brown
Account Director

Theresa has been a key part of our organisation since 2008 and has worked in all of our offices around the world in a multitude of different roles. Her diversity in our organisation gives her a wealth of knowledge which she loves to share with our clients. She has a diverse background in advertising, marketing and recruitment and specialises in creating innovative and streamlined recruitment processes for our clients.

She brings a solid insight into the obstacles companies face when trying to manage the recruitment process themselves and working hand in hand with them. Theresa has successfully implemented long-lasting and effective recruitment strategies stemming from creative advertising and candidate experience and through to improved processes for our clients and stronger employment brands.

Theresa has assisted many companies who did not have a clear and defined recruitment process to not only implement the Talent Propeller software, but to also effectively utilise our knowledge and expertise to build procedures to attract and retain talent. She is an excellent copywriter so provides her clients with creativity outside the normal confines of traditional advertising. Theresa enjoys partnering with clients and engaging with people and is always putting their needs first.

Joel Kearns-Docker
Account Manager

Joel is a poster child for utilising aptitude testing as a key driver in shortlisting decisions, as he joined our business in 2016 after spending the past 3 years as a carpet layer! Joel was looking to establish a career for himself and he displayed all the attributes and aptitudes that Talent Propeller values, so we hired him and have never looked back. Since starting with us, Joel has worked across different aspects of the business from sales, advertising coordination, and now account management. Joel has gained many different skills along with extensive media knowledge and enjoys working with clients on improving their recruitment advertising.

Joel will deliver you the best possible media advice with his trademark cheerful Scottish lilt. When he’s not living and breathing recruitment ads, you’ll find him racing downhill mountain bikes in Rotorua.

Lisa Munro
Advertising Coordinator

Lisa joined our team in 2018 after a strong administrative career. Lisa, like many job hunters, was looking for a great culture but also room for growth and development. Since joining Talent Propeller, Lisa started as the Office Administrator and has been promoted to an Advertising Coordinator. She found what she was looking for through a great ad and now she knows how to write a great ad and where to post a great recruitment ad to get the people you are looking for too. Lisa shows an innate ability to create expert advertising campaigns from her own experience.

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