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Lower application numbers, more competition for staff, and more candidates declining offers. The job market in 2022 is tough for employers. more
We all know that dogs love fresh meat. Whether it’s a bone to chew on or a juicy steak to scoff down, it doesn't take much to entice a pooch to visit the butcher’s shop door! more
If you have recently been surprised to find that your job advert is appearing on a website you didn’t authorize, you’re not alone. more
Normally, at the start of a new year, we have a big picture, blue sky moment where we talk about predictions and look at the future of recruitment. more
For decades, submitting a CV has been the accepted process to land a new job. However, in 2022 things are starting to change and smart employers are adapting their recruitment processes to suit the ‘new normal’. more
Over the past decade, an eruption of new technologies has fired rapid change and expansion in the job landscape. more
2021 has been another heck of a year for business owners and those in positions of responsibility that involve HR. more
One of the things many managers dread about starting the recruitment process is making ‘the wrong decision’. For most organisations, the investment in a new hire is extensive in terms of time and money. Typically, it will be at least three months before that employee is fully productive and unhappy new recruits who don’t fit in with the company culture or struggle with the requirements of the role can be a drain on HR resources. more
The average conversion rate from ‘Apply Now’ to ‘Submit’ is 32%. How many great candidates are you losing? If you have advertised a job vacancy recently, you will know that it’s getting harder and harder to get candidates to apply. That’s why it’s important to understand how many candidates you might be attracting but then losing at the application stage. more