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It's all part of the strategy.

We are committed to helping you attract the right talent for your business.

Here you’ll find the range of services we provide as part of an overall recruitment strategy. Read on to discover all the things we can do to help you achieve your recruitment goals.


Are you still recruiting like it is 2016?


Copy job description into an advert


Post to Seek


Hope for the best

Sound simple right?

So why isn't it working for you?

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How will you stand out?

Talent shortage, people!

This isn’t a short-term issue….

The last few years have led many people to re-think priorities, re-think career pathways, and it’s reconfigured many work places (working from home, working from anywhere…). Unemployment at an all-time low = limited people actively looking for work = limited people looking at a job board.

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So what do you do?

Work with a team that has a track record of building successful recruitment strategies for businesses across the country.

Addressing talent shortages requires a multi-faceted approach that focuses on creating an attractive employer brand, offering flexibility, upskilling and reskilling employees, partnering with educational institutions, and leveraging social media and employee referrals.

This is where Talent Propeller partners with you to deliver an ‘out of the box’ recruitment solution.

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Talent Propeller Services

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