Dec 04, 2018

Reaching quality job seekers in 2018

So many vacancies, so little time! When you’re a busy HR team with hiring to do, getting a good pipeline of quality candidates is critical to filling your vacancies fast. Making sure you reach the right candidates from day one is the first step in a successful recruitment campaign.

Choosing the right media to advertise your vacancy has a dramatic impact on your time to hire.

Talent Propeller pride ourselves on being 'media agnostic': we work with over 800 media across Australia and New Zealand and are not owned or aligned to any one. This means that we are unbiased in our media recommendations and use generic job boards, social media and specialist industry press; depending on what's best for each vacancy.   We also believe strongly in ROI and crunch the data regularly to see how candidate traffic is flowing. Each of our clients has access to their own custom reporting to ensure that every dollar they spend on recruitment advertising works hard.  

Based on over 1 million visits to our clients' careers portals in 2017, here's a current overview of where job applicants are coming from and our key takeouts:  

NZ - 2017 Candidate Traffic Sources

2018 TPNZ graph

AU - 2017 Candidate Traffic Sources

2018 TPNZ graph

1. Just placing a job ad on a big job board no longer guarantees quality applicants

As the market fragments and it gets harder to reach quality candidates, you can't just place an ad on a big job board and expect to be found. Whilst every media will present their own unique views and statistics, our customers are finding that overall, 30% of traffic to their online job applications was delivered by Google.  We believe that’s because roughly half the active job seeker population don’t bother trawling job boards anymore, they begin their job hunt in the search bar.   That's why having a great online careers presence is essential.      

2. Paid social media should be a part of your recruitment campaign

Spend on targeted social media sites has increased 150% in the past 12 months amongst our customer base across Australasia and that's because it's delivering results.   For certain roles in certain industries, sometimes Facebook is the dominant provider of quality candidates. 

Linkedin introduced some handy technical updates in 2017 and really focused on their power as a recruitment tool and not just a social networking site.    Whilst as an overall driver of candidate traffic they are not as strong across the board as some other media, for professional roles, particular skill sets and specific industries, a tailored campaign on LinkedIn delivers quality results.

3. Expert media partners, graphic designers and digital experts are becoming an essential part of the recruitment team

The 'DIY' job ad on a big job board is usually competing with hundreds of other adverts from your competitors, seeking the same type of candidates.  How do you stand out?  Video is a great tool to engage with potential candidates and a focus on Employer Branding definitely helps.  HR teams who think like marketers are in the best position to attract the best candidates.   

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