Nov 20, 2019

Why Facebook works for recruitment

Lessons learnt from running 2,000 Facebook campaigns this year

Still not convinced that Facebook is the right place to promote your job vacancies? We have news for you. In 2019, the number of candidate applications delivered to our clients by Facebook has nearly doubled compared to the previous year. Facebook now accounts for more than 20% of traffic delivered by media to our clients’ websites.

If your job vacancies aren’t on Facebook, you are missing out on a wealth of potential candidates.

We’ve run more than 2,000 Facebook campaigns this year, so had plenty of opportunity to measure the results. Here are some of the benefits we have seen, with the data to back it up!

  • Get more applications. 
    The number one goal of any recruitment campaign, of course, is quality applications. We have seen the number of applications delivered directly from Facebook nearly double in the last year. Clients who have introduced Facebook into their media strategy have seen their applications increase by up to 248%.*
  • Build your employer brand awareness.
    On average, each campaign we run on Facebook is seen by more than 8,500 carefully targeted and relevant users*. That’s an incredible number of people who are seeing your brand and your message. A strong employer brand will help develop your talent pool, improve your brand perception and save you money in recruitment.
  • Drive traffic to your careers site to build your talent pool.
    Our Facebook campaigns deliver on average 215 clicks through to a careers website and clients who have added Facebook into their media mix have seen up to a 280% increase in traffic to their careers site*. The more people visit your site, the more awareness is built for your brand. In addition, increasing the traffic increases the number of potential candidates for your talent pool.
  • Reach passive candidates (and their parents, partners and friends).
    One of the best things about Facebook is that you can get your opportunity in front of everyone who uses Facebook - which is up to 70% of the entire population in NZ and Australia!  That means your audience isn’t limited to just people who are actively searching for jobs like it is with traditional media. In addition to the audience directly targeted, Facebook posts are often tagged and shared by parents, partners and friends of suitable candidates. 

Sounds great! But is my role right for Facebook?

The short answer is almost definitely yes. With over 1,500 campaigns, we have run a huge variety of roles, and seen great results across a whole range of industries and job levels. We’ve run everything from a Senior Management role in a local council to a niche IT role to a customer service representative.

Some roles do perform better than others – we’ve had runaway success with campaigns for Drivers, who are typically notoriously hard to target! If skills and experience are less of a priority than attitude and interests for your role then Facebook is particularly effective. It’s also a great channel for any roles offering relocation packages, given the ability to target so specifically geographically.

We’ve made Facebook campaigns easy! Get in touch today and stop missing out on candidates.


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*Results from a total of 2079 Facebook campaigns for 249 clients run by Talent Propeller January 2019 – October 2019.