Every month, Talent Propeller will be reviewing various types of media to share an honest and unbiased account of the best media options for recruiting candidates. This is media review #1: Facebook jobs more
Employee onboarding is essential in today's recruitment process. It helps the new recruit connect with their employer, reinforce the company culture and values. Onboarding solutions allow companies to build personalised welcome journeys for new employees that start from job offer to the first day. more
Exceed your new hire’s expectations with our 4 tips to retain your new recruits and set their welcome journey up for successful onboarding. more
Before we continue, ask yourself this: have you already reached a conclusion as to whether or not this blog will shed any insight into your recruitment process? Are you reading this to mine for inconsistencies, flaws; details to support your conclusion? more
What is recruitment bias? Well it's similar to confirmation bias. Have you ever formed a snap decision about something in your mind and then found yourself searching for evidence to prove it? more
Job seekers have never had more access to make informed decisions about what businesses they apply to work with than ever before. That means that if you’re looking to capture the attention of great talent on the market you need to be upfront and coordinated about the information you are providing to help them make that decision. A great way to do that is with a branded careers website that acts as a home of all your job opportunities, and information about your organisation to help job seekers make the decision to apply. more
Talent Propeller is always working on updates to our recruitment tools, to help hiring managers implement their recruitment strategies. Are you up to speed with the latest features on offer? Here are some of our latest releases that are helping organisations all over Australasia to reinvent their recruitment process: more
Choosing the right professional partners is vital for business success, and in no area is this more important than recruitment. If you're paying for professional expertise to advertise, shortlist, interview or recommend new staff, you must make sure you're getting what you pay for. more
Too much traditional recruitment has been about 'Plug and Place', without thinking strategically about where to find QUALITY candidates and using the right tools to decipher who is best for your organisation. more