Jan 17, 2019

Is Your New Hire Already Looking at Job Vacancies?

Exceed your new hire’s expectations with our 4 tips to retain your new recruits and set their welcome journey up for successful onboarding.

Statistics show that there is a very good chance that they are. A study by Indeed shows that 65% of new hires will look at job ads again within 91 days of starting a new job and this is often down to the organisation not meeting their expectations.

Before your organisation contributes to these statistics, take a moment to review your onboarding strategy and connect with your new hire for a successful and meaningful induction period.

To get you started, here are our top 4 tips:

1. Create a pre-boarding pack

Smart companies know the best way to ease a new hire’s first-day jitters is by having a solid pre-boarding process that is both welcoming and informative. Create a welcome pack with all of the necessary documentation. Include parking maps, how to access the office or maybe a floor seating plan that shows where your new hire’s desk will be as well as contracts, payroll forms, and the necessaries.

Tip: Go above and beyond by creating a personalised welcome video that features their direct manager and peers to give your new hire a sense of belonging.

2. Personalise an onboarding timeline

Map out a timeline for your welcome journey, but keep it flexible and plan alongside your new hire once they’re on board to create a custom 3-month induction schedule. The welcome journey isn’t a ‘one size fits all’ process. Instead, understand that each welcome journey should be customised for your new hire, keeping it relevant to their role, their personality, and the team they are joining.

Tip: Have your new hire actively involved in the scheduling of their first 3-months induction. You will be able to understand how effective your process really is and be able to shape it to suit your new hire.

3. Invest in training and learning

Investing in solid training schedules as well as offering upskilling opportunities shows your commitment to your employee’s success. Having quality training plans in place will allow your new hire to put their best foot forward and will equip them with confidence in their skill set to do their best work within your organisation.

Tip: Have a mentor show your new hire what ‘good’ looks like. Yes, you hired them because they have the experience and the relevant skills, but even the best of the best will feel like beginners when faced with a brand-new environment and being unfamiliar with the organisation’s expectations

4. Organise informal catch-ups & team get-togethers 

Yes, we’re all busy, but there need to be moments set aside for informal catch-ups. This is where you will be able to gauge how your new hire’s induction is tracking. Let your new hire have this time to debrief and ask questions.

Tip: Help your new starter break the ice with their colleagues by setting up informal team meetings that allow for brainstorming or simply organise a team lunch. Think of it this way, collaboration happens when people connect so foster a team environment that encourages staff interaction and watch the ideas flow!

If you feel like your new hire is already halfway out the door, then stop what you’re doing and start working on a proactive strategy for the next time you recruit. A great place to start is by getting a direct insight into your candidate’s personality and culture fit within your organisation by engaging in video introductions and personality profiling during the initial recruitment stages.

For a complete 360˚ approach, consider working with a Recruitment Partner who will assist with Shortlisting candidates and providing expert, transparent advice throughout the entire journey. For more free recruitment and onboarding advice, check out our other blogs at https://talentpropeller.co.nz/blog.