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A job title is so much more than just what’s written on a position description. From helping employees to understand how they fit into your organisation’s structure, to being a lens that forms part of how people see themselves, a job title can be a political and emotional minefield! more
“Is now a good time to recruit or should I wait until the new year?” That’s a question business owners and HR managers ask us every November and it’s due even more consideration now, given the disruption and business uncertainty we’ve seen in 2020. more
“Employers can now choose not just the best talent in their area, but the best talent in the world.” If COVID has shown us one thing, it’s that business can still be done outside of an office. more
For many organisations, the year has been off to a rough start – slowed economic growth, meaning flat wage growth and fewer opportunities for advancement, then the rise of COVID-19. According to Deloitte’s Talent 2020 Employee’s Perspective report, 80% of people plan to stay with their employers over the next year. more
The job market has changed during 2020, so how you hired this time last year, is possibly not the best approach right now more
AI is, and will continue to be, part of life. more
Hospitality & Tourism listings up 9% YoY in June vs (-44% in March) and (-89%) in April, which resonates with feedback we're hearing in the hospitality industry. It’s an understatement to say that the year 2020 has had an effect on businesses of all industries, but some sectors have bounced back better than expected. more
Video campaigns, why use them? more
Auckland and Wellington candidate availability up by 40%. With the recent release of Trade Me’s quarterly statistics, one of the biggest, but not surprising, stats was that Auckland and Wellington job listings are down by 55% and 49% respectively but demand for jobs in these two centres are up 40% YoY. more