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Media Selection

The phrase ‘fish where the fish are’ is an attitude we adopt in every campaign we build for our clients.

It begins with defining who your target market is.

“Advertise in just one medium and you are drastically reducing your ability to hire.”

We use our own statistical data plus information from our media partners to build a media schedule specific to your objective. We work with over 800 media across the country, digital platforms, social platforms, job boards, newspapers, television, radio and billboards. If your audience is on it or near it, we will be recommending it to you.

Our campaigns have appeared in traditional newspapers, magazines, industry specific publications, to digital channels, social media, YouTube, Google, and even television networks such as SBSonDemand. From billboards, noticeboards, radio... you get the idea!

We build a unique media schedule for each of our clients to ensure you are reaching your target audience as effectively as possible. We then monitor closely and tweak as needed to ensure they continue to perform as expected.

Talent Propeller have opened our eyes to all the ways we can reach our ideal candidate. They have worked with us to define who our audience is, and have applied creativity in different platforms that will give us the best change to engage with this audience.
Blue Fitness
Blue Fitness
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Case Study Read about how we improved DT Kings recruitment process.
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