Let our Recruitment Partners sniff out the leaders of the pack.

Great candidates move faster than a Greyhound bounding over meadows and this is why it’s critical you have tools to shortlist as quickly as possible. Talent Propeller gives you two options – neither of which come with a hefty placement fee like you’d be used to if you work with a traditional recruitment agency. Both options expertly utilise our bespoke technology to create transparency throughout the process and real people to support you … after all, it is called Human Resources for a reason.

Option 1: Tell us what you need, and we'll fetch you a final shortlist of candidates.

Your own personal Talent Propeller Recruitment Partner will build a multi-pronged advertising campaign, then they will review all candidates, screen, phone interview and build a shortlist for you to move straight to face to face interview. We will even guide you with talking points for interviews and provide you with a summary of strengths, suitability for the role and future growth potential within your business.


A package to suit your project:

$1400 + GST
A targeted advertising campaign for a 3 week period, screening, phone interviews and a final shortlist delivered within 24 hours of the closing date. This package includes the option to include one skills test.
$2100 + GST
Need someone 'yesterday'? We will deliver great candidates to you every few days rather than at the completion of the advertising campaign. With a larger media budget we can also advertise your vacancy more broadly.
$4500 + GST
Ideal for hard to fill roles or executive positions where headhunting and proactive search is necessary to widen your talent pool. We engage with candidates who may not be actively looking for work, alongside your advertising campaign.

Option 2: Manage your own shortlisting with our technology

Utilise our response management software and have all applications ranked automatically in order of suitability as they apply. Then, benefit from one touch email notifications to candidates, online scheduling of interviews and the ability to manage a long term talent database. Pricing options are per campaign or a 12 month subscription.

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